Monday, November 19, 2012

Captains Table 1: Interviews with Richard Rehder, George Pappy Jr & Tyler Kluin

Susan Oliver as 'The Green Girl'

In the first 'Captains Table' Interview episode of the Random Nerdness Podcast: Host Chris Lockhart chats on the phone with fellow 'Geek Fallout' host Richard Rehder about their work on Geek Fallout, The Atomic Geeks Network and family. In the second interview on the episode Chris chats on the phone with George Pappy about his upcoming documentary 'The Green Girl', a doc about the life and times of actress Susan Oliver. And in the last interview segment Chris is joined in studio with his friend Tyler Kluin and they discuss Tyler's attempts (and future attempts) to get on the Canadian reality series 'Big Brother: Canada'.

Susan Oliver

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