Friday, November 2, 2012

Blog #41: Wal-Mart Anyone?

We've all seen the news stories on Wal-Mart, how they are a big evil corporation that destroys small businesses and ruin towns and all that. My opinion is this: Wal-Mart is the best store in the world and I love it. I am not a rich man and my family and I live on a budget. Like most people things come up: kids activities, transmission troubles, cat needs to see the vet, etc. We at times get low on money so being able to save money is extremely beneficial. Wal-Mart has almost everything a person needs at the best prices. 

The Wal-Mart executives are truly marketing geniuses. People can get almost anything they need in one stop shopping. Need new tires for the car? They got it. Need the newest "Elmo" movie for your 2 year old? Its there. Need a new toaster to cook your morning toast or bagel? They got that too. Need some bread and bagels for that new toaster? Yep its there. Need some silk lingerie to spruce up your "Mommy/Daddy" bedroom activities? Yes, oh yes they have that too!!! Plus for us guys who know you should never shop on an empty stomach so everyWal-Mart comes equipped with a built in McDonalds. McDonalds like Wal-Mart gives you what you want at good prices. Some of the newer bigger Wal-Marts now have Tim Hortons. TimHortons , McDonalds and Wal-Mart: 3 of my favourite businesses in the world all under one roof. 

Now about the negative comments about Wal-Mart: 
1: Wal-Mart hurts small business and you should be supporting your local merchants. 
Answer: Before moving to Barrhead I lived in a small community with one local general store. I was looking to buy some cheese whiz. At the local store a small jar of cheese whiz was priced at $6.00 and a large at $10.00. While at Wal-Mart the same small jar of the cheese whiz was priced at $2.50 and the large at $4.70. I'm all for supporting local business but not when their ripping me off. Especially now that I have a family and live on a tighter budget, Wal-Mart at times allows me to get the things I want and need when I might not have been able to get them through local stores. Plus remember Wal-Mart didn't start as a huge corporate organization, it started with one store. That one small business grew to become a multi-store huge corporation over time. It's the poster child for what a small business can become. 

2: They exploit their employees: 
Truth is most employers exploit their employees in one way or another. Plus every time I shop there the employees seem to be happy and content. The managers are not yelling at them or being rude when I'm there. Plus in these tough economic times when people are losing their jobs all around us I'm sure Wal-Mart employees are just happy to have their jobs. 

3: Wal-Mart is an American owned company and we should only support Canadian companies: 
Guess what? Zellers and HBC are owned by a dude from New York. Their no more a Canadian store than Wal-Mart the only difference is they got their start in Canada. Plus if Zellers had been a little more aggressive and gave us better deals for our money they would have exploded and became a world wide retail giant like Wal-Mart. Some visionaries at Wal-Mart corporate had the foresight to come up with the philosophy: Charge less and you sell more. People respond to low prices even if it is only cents cheaper than the competition price, because when added together over the span of say a year it really does add up. Where most other businesses sell at a higher price and gamble at selling less. If they can get away at selling at a higher price it means more profits. Plus American company or not they employ Canadians at their stores here in Canada. If they were bringing in Mexicans to work at their stores then I could see it being unfair but they employ almost 80,000 Canadians across this country. 

Well everyone has their own take on the subject of Wal-Mart but for me I'll be shopping there for as long as they are here.

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