Sunday, August 26, 2012

Check It Out: Announcement!


Normally I do a monthly segment called 'Beer Goggles' for the blog, but that is going to stop. Why you ask? Well that's a good question, you see for the last couple months I have had a project in the planning stages, and well hopefully next month said project will be done. That project that is in the works is one that I hope will be well worth the wait, and that project will have a segment on it called 'Beer Goggles'. Well that project is: The Random Nerdness Podcast! Yes a real life podcast which will hopefully be out in September, maybe October. It will (hopefully) be free to download on iTunes. It has not been recorded yet, and I don't want to get too far ahead of myself if it doesn't work out, but I am hoping to launch a twice monthly podcastbased on this blog. My brother-in-law Sebastian will be my trusted sound engineer and co-host along with my little sister Brianna. We're hoping to have a rotating '4th' chair co-host filled with friends in studio or ones skyped in. I'm really hoping it works out, more announcements to come in the future. 

Check it out: I finally just watched the movie 50/50: The film about a cancer patient (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and how he and his friends and family deal with the cancer he has. Well I must say that this movie was fantastic! It literally made me laugh and cry in and hour and fifty minutes. JGL is an amazing actor, he was fantastic in 'The Dark Knight Rises' which is why I finally decided to watch 50/50, and I am so glad I did. He truly was inspiring in this film, well worth the viewing. 

Check it out: Been watching 'The Nerdist' TV series based on the podcast. Chris Hardwick and company are freakin hilarious. If you are into geek/nerdy culture check this talk show out. It's on once a week in Canada Wednesday nights on the SPACE Channel. Also check out 'The Nerdist' channel on YouTube, he does a show called 'Celebrity Bowling' which is also freakin awesome. 

Check it out: Be sure to listen to 'The Atomic Geeks Podcast', the 'Nerd Lunch Podcast' and 'The Classic Film Jerks', all are great podcasts worth your listenin and are all a part of the 'Atomic Geeks Podcast Network'. They are also free to download from iTunes. And be sure to leave them an iTunes review. 


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