Monday, June 25, 2012

My Weekly Pick

Hey there friends this is Chris with another Weekly Pick, and this will be a 2 week pick as next weekend I will be busy attending a family reunion. My pick this week is for a great Canadian program called 'North of 60'. It is in my opinion the best drama ever filmed in Canada. It aired in the 90's and lasted 5 seasons and had 4 TV movies. The series was about the life and times in a North West Territories native community called 'Lynx River', but it was in fact filmed in my home province of Alberta. It was required weekly viewing in my home. The reason why I am making this my Weekly Pick is because this past weekend while attending my friends wedding I actually got to meet one of the stars of that series. Dakota House, also known as 'Teevee Tenia' on the series was there and I got the chance to meet him and talk his ear off. I had had several alcoholic beverages at that point and I talked his ear off for probably 1-2 hours. He was very nice and a pleasure to meet. 'North of 60' currently airs in Canada on TV Tropolis, but if you live outside Canada I highly recommend you seek out this series as it is in my opinion the finest Canadian drama ever made. 

See you in 2 weeks!

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