Thursday, June 7, 2012

E-Mail Accounts Hacked

Just letting all who read this know my e-mail accounts were hacked into Wednesday. If you get an e-mail from me delete it. I think it is a computer program the hacks the e-mail. Apparently 'I' sent an e-mail saying I am in Spain and need money. I am Not in Spain (wish I were) and I don't need money from my contacts. Very frustrating. Finally got back into my Google E-Mail and I have this huge laundry list of contacts I never had before. I think they got into my Yahoo account because recently I received an e-mail from 'Yahoo' asking me to verify my account, but it must not have been from Yahoo because that e-mail too was sent from my e-mail account to a bunch of other people. It looked legit, it looked like it came from Yahoo. Guess I need to be extra careful and periodically change my passwords. Anywho have a great day all. 

- Chris 

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