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Tube Talk: Sunday Nights

Tube Talk: Sunday Nights

Week of August 11, 2013

Spoiler Warning!!!

Well it’s that time again: great TV viewing on Sunday Nights. I have my PVR set to record multiple shows and I will attempt to break down each as best I can.

- Breaking Bad (AMC): Well we are down to the final episodes of this great series. The first episode of the final 8 premiered August 11th and it was a great one for sure. Again this season (or season 5B if you want to be technical) opens with a Walt making his way back into town, with hair, a beard, and a huge machine gun in the trunk of the car he is driving. But for some reason he goes back home to retrieve the ricin he planted in his room some seasons ago. His house is vacant, in ruins and his neighbour lady seems especially frightened of him. Again a glimpse into the not too distant future for Walt and the viewers are left wondering ‘what the hell happened’?

The final scene between Hank and Walt was nothing short of epic. I knew this series would come down to them fighting each other, and this is absolutely amazing. Both Bryan Cranston and Dean Norris deserve Emmy’s for their performances.

- Talking Bad (AMC): Much like ‘Talking Dead’, the companion talk show to ‘The Walking Dead’, AMC has decided to do this talk show format for BB. Chris Hardwick also hosts this show. Being a huge BB fan and having Vince Gilligan on and answering some questions was awesome. Glad they are doing this show, just wished they had done it sooner.

- Low Winter Sun (AMC): A new series from AMC starring Mark Strong (Green Lantern, Kick Ass) as a good yet dirty cop. After watching the first episode I must say so far I am impressed. I like Strong as an actor so I knew I would be checking out this series, and he really delivered in the pilot episode. A series worth checking out I think. Stay Tuned!

- Dexter (Showtime/Movie Central): This series came back almost 2 months ago already and they too are in their final season. This show has been hit or miss for me. Last season kind of fell flat for me but I decided to stick with the show and I am glad I did. So far this year has been great. I like that they seem to be tying up some loose ends and maybe gearing up to a big finale. If you had watched this series before and have yet to check out this new season I suggest you do.

- Ray Donovan (Showtime/Movie Central): This show premiered right after the first episode of ‘Dexter’ this summer. It takes place in LA where Ray Donovan (played by the great Liev Schreiber), who is originally from South Boston, is a "fixer" for the powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler that represents the rich and famous. However, he experiences his own problems when his father, Mickey Donovan (played to perfection by Jon Voight), is unexpectedly released from prison. So far I am loving this series!! It was a surprise hit for me. Worth checking out for sure!

- True Blood (HBO): Dropped this show after last season. Done and done.

Other TV other Nights of the week:

- Under The Dome (CBS Monday Nights): I have been enjoying this series. I never read the Stephen king novel from which it is based but I can’t help but feel it should be darker. Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) is excellent as ‘Big Jim’ on this series, but I find the supporting cast tends to fall flat. Not to say this is a bad series, I do enjoy it and it has been renewed for a second season so I will be sticking with it, but I wish it would go darker and weirder.

- Hell on Wheels (AMC Saturday night): This is an excellent western which is now entering it’s third season. Worth a watch and it is filmed in my home province of Alberta. Colm Meaney (Chief O’Brien from Star Trek TNG & DS9) is excellent as the bad guy for this series. The 3rd season is a great jumping on point for new viewers and the first 2 seasons are available on Netflix.

- Orphan Black: Have not checked out this series yet but it is on my PVR. Heard nothing but good things and looking forward to watching this show.

See you next time for an update. Go break some bad!

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