Saturday, August 10, 2013

'Elysium': Spoiler Free Review

'Elysium': Spoiler Free Review
by C.Lockhart (@chrisloc1701)

Well to start off I have to admit when I saw the previews for this film I was not sold. I thought: Yet another Matt Damon flick and I am not the biggest fan of Jodie Foster. Not that I have anything against her, it's just since 'Silence of the Lambs' I've felt her movies have not been anything special. Also I have not forgiven her for passing on 'Hannibal', so having her attached to this flick did not excite me. I actually went to the theatre to watch 'The Wolverine', but to my surprise the 12:55 pm showing had been cancelled, and the next best film to watch in my opinion was 'Elysium', at least it was sci-fi. 

Well I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I saw. This film was incredible in my humble pie opinion. The trailer pretty much sums up the plot: in the future Earth is in ruins where people fight to survive, while a select few 'rich' people live in an Earth-like space station called 'Elysium', where there is plenty of food and health care, a definite statement on the elite who control our current day Earth. Matt Damon is dying and needs to get up to Elysium to save himself, and as it turns out the entire Earth population. Matt Damon was perfect in this role and Jodie Foster did an outstanding job playing a French bitch/villain.

The special effects were amazing and not over done. They served the story well. The rest of the supporting cast for the most part were new, but they too did a great job working with Damon & Foster. This film was simple enough yet still great to watch. With a summer filled with sequels and reboots it was nice to see something unique and not overblown by special effects.

Out of all the films I have made the effort to see this summer (Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Man of Steel) this film was probably my favourite.
I give this film a 4.8 rating out of 5. Well worth the price of a ticket.

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