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This Weeks Assignment From The League: Robots!

This Weeks Assignment From The League Of Extraordinary Bloggers:

Danger! Danger! Danger! Pacific Rim has finally hit the theaters, and it seems like everyone is now an expert on giant monster-fighting robots. I thought it would be fun to talk about all the different mechanical wonders that have appeared in our pop culture. This week’s assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers
As you may or may not know I am a Co-Host of the ‘Geek Fallout’ podcast.  On the show we end every episode with a ‘Top 5’ countdown where we name off our favourite top 5 for a particular subject. For this blog post I am going to name off my top 5 favourite robots (or robot pairs) in pop culture, excluding androids and cyborgs: Pure Robots ONLY. So here is my list:

5- H.E.R.B.I.E. (From the 60’s ‘Fantastic Four’ cartoon, later added to the comic book continuity). As a kid I loved watching those old cartoons and as much as I missed having the Human Torch in the cartoon I did like that little flying robot that took his place. Apparently the animators were worried about kids lighting themselves on fire so that is why Herbie is on the team. He often played jokes on Ben Grimm which made me laugh, and every time I see him make an appearance in the comic I take notice.

4- Starscream (From the 80’s ‘Transfomers’ cartoon). I always liked Starscream best out of all the Decepticons. His high pitch screetchy voice, his hunger for power, his willingness to stab Megatron in the back when it suited him, all equalled a cool villain. Also as a vehicle he was a fighter jet. If I were to be a Decepticon I would want to be a fighter jet for sure.

3- V.I.N.CENT & Maximillion (from the Disney film ‘The Black Hole’). Vincent was the good floating robot that saves the day, voiced by the late great Roddy McDowell. Maximillion was the robot that scared me as a little kid. All he did was float around, never talking, with a glowing Cyclops eye and arms with spinning grinders that could kill anyone who was unfortunate enough to face the deadly Maximillion. But as I said earlier Vincent saves the day by ‘killing’ the evil Maximillion. These two robots were my favourite characters from that underrated iconic sci-fi film.

2- Optimus Prime (From the 80’s ‘Transfomers’ cartoon). As much as Starscream was my favourite Decepticon, Optimus was my favourite Auto-bot. He was a great leader, fought for the right things, and could transform into the coolest big rig ever conceived. As a kid (and maybe as an adult) I cried when he ‘died’ during the Transformers cartoon film. Then I cheered as he was resurrected towards the end of the series. I am not a fan of the current films but I think it is cool that they brought the original Optimus voice actor, Peter Cullen, to breath life again into this iconic character.

1-    Who else could be number 1 but R2D2 & C3PO from ‘Star Wars’. It was these 2 who really peaked my interest in robots. I have had the privilege to ‘meet’ R2D2 several times at conventions and every time I turn into a kid again. Apparently for about $10,000-15,000 you can build your own movie quality replica of Artoo, that can seemingly do most things the ‘real’ Artoo can, via remote control. If I were to win the lotto I think I might create my own Artoo…
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LeAnn said...

Great list of robots. But, you can build an R2 for way less then 10,000. Come check out my league post, we just finished building ours.