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RN Interviews: Melissa Brade

Hello fellow blog reader and or podcast listener, this is Chris Lockhart with yet another blog entry, so thank you for taking the time to read this. Today I am doing a blog interview with Melissa Brade, a woman whom I went to school with a few years ago. Now Melissa is a mother, wife, Political Activist and now aspiring model. In the last few months Melissa has been posting some of her modeling shots on Facebook and I believe she definitely has a future career in modeling. So I asked Melissa if she would be up for an interview on the blog and she so nicely agreed.

- Thanks for agreeing to do this blog interview Melissa. First off could you tell our readers who you are and what interested you in modeling and do you view modeling as your dream career?
Not exactly. I don't consider it a career option, its more for fun and personal gratification at this stage in my life.
Most of my days are pretty high stress and demanding so it’s a lot of fun to take the occasional Promotional gig or Photo shoot and enjoy a day doing something just for me. Previewing the photos after is always exciting; I enjoy the photographer’s creative take on it. A person usually has a definition or perception of their own beauty, so I find it especially cool to see a viewpoint from another perspective.
I originally got involved through my bartending which led to offers for Promotional Modeling jobs, it’s only been this past year I've started experimenting with photo shoots and creating a portfolio.

- From October 2009 to September 2010, you were had acting as Leader of the Canadian Action Party, and you ran as a candidate in the 2011 Federal Election in the Yellowhead riding. Are you still active in politics and if so what are your political ambitions?
At this time I'm not actively involved. I needed a break. Promoting an alternative Party is a lot of work with nil reward. Although the party had amazing, intelligent, policies and solutions, people in Christian Conservative Alberta are hesitant to consider anything that doesn't come with a traditional label. I have been offered a Candidacy with a couple of the mainstream parties and may consider that an option at a later date.

- What are some of your other areas of interest? What are you passionate about?

Its seems like I get passionate about things in waves and most of my passions involve health, the future and my children's security.
Healthy eating is a big passion as without good health we have nothing. I find GMOs of great concern and work hard to select clean food when I shop. My coworkers find my passion/obsession with avoiding artificial sweeteners can be rather irritating as I read labels obsessively and give out little lectures on the risks of aspartame.

- Now this is a blog where we generally discuss geeky/nerdy things. And I know you are a fan of the TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’. What are your thoughts on this show, in particular the current season?
Gawsh! Where to begin? I was hooked episode one. I ranted about it a bit on FB and a pal told me it was a book series! Hallelujah!!
I blazed through it in a week. The plot and storyline is amazing. The combo of political intrigue, gory battle and sexy mystery would keep any literate person hooked!
Tyrion is my favourite character...when in doubt ask yourself "what would Tyrion do?"
I love the way the books are written from several characters perspectives instead of traditional chapters. It keeps a person on the edge of your seat to know at any time one of your favourite characters could have their storyline axed!
Dany losing Kahl Drogo and nursing the dragons after his funeral pyre was stunning to read and almost as good to watch!!
This season I was most moved by Kaitlyns plea for mercy as Rob was betrayed at the Red Wedding.
I think people will be extra shocked to see where that spins off! Oh yes...Kaitlyns story isn't over yet.
I feel a twinge of urgency when I think of book 6. George R R Martin is in my thoughts daily. I pray for his good health (write George, write like the wind, and eat your veggies)
I look forward to being entertained with at least another 5 books in the series. Fingers crossed!

- Are you interested in anything else that would be considered geeky?
Well asides from being a book worm, analytical, and a government dissident, I'm not too geeky!
Maybe painting and art. I do folksy painting with the afro dude on PBS (Ross)...and maybe gardening would be a bit geeky too.
I also enjoy gemology and crystal therapy. Its intriguing to think beautiful gems have healing values or can impart certain characteristics to the wearer.

- What kind of books do you like to read? What movies do you watch?
I like to read historical romance or fantasy if I'm reading for fun.
I’ll read pretty much anything to learn though. If there's something I'd like to know more about ill read reports, essays, thesis, whatever it takes till my questions are answered. I also very much enjoy books on psychology, herbology and self-help.
I don't watch many movies or TV. I'll rent a movie or go to the theatre with the family for fun every few months but have a hard time remembering the plot months later.
I’d have to say my favourites would be comedies. This year I shot pop out of my nose laughing so hard watching 21 Jump Street in the theatre.
I hate horror films and avoid them. I always cover my eyes at the blood and gore.

- Random Question: What movie character do you think you are?
Absolutely Ayla off Clan of the Cave Bear, or maybe even Poison Ivy some days.

- We may have some female readers reading this and seeing your pictures, and I’m sure they are going to want to know about your beauty regimen: How do you keep your hair and skin healthy?
I don't do a lot actually. Less is more. I wash my face and body with Ivory soap and find it keeps my complexion nice as opposed to some of the pricier body/face washes.
I like to use Pur Minerals and Smashbox makeup for a daily natural look, just some powder, liner and mascara with a natural toned shadow.
For my hair keeping the length is most important. I found I couldn't grow it as long when I colored it so quit coloring a few years ago and let it grow out natural.
I have a routine where I'll wash my hair day one and blowdry a flat/sleek look for the day. The next day is usually a ponytail or up do, and the third day is curls because hair holds a nice curl better when it’s a bit dirty. Then wash again and start all over!
I like John Frieda "go blonde" Shampoo and Conditioner.
One thing I can't live without is tea tree oil. Any little blemish is curable overnight with a little dab of tea tree oil.
I don't use any moisturizers as my skin is sensitive to the waxes and chemicals. I moisturize with olive oil or coconut oil. I keep a big jar of either right on the bathroom counter. It probably looks odd to visitors?

- Every girl has a special “can’t live without this" staple in her closet, what’s yours?
My favourite signature item is my 3 season cheetah coat (no cheetahs were harmed in its production)
Its gorgeous!! No one has one like it. It’s a soft furry dress style long jacket with 3/4 length sleeves and a tied waist and a bright teal silk liner.
It’s great for business, evenings on the town or hugging... It’s so soft and furry it makes me irresistible for random hugs.

- As far as fashion goes who’s on your favourite designers list?
Surprisingly I don't have a favourite designer and don't know a lot about 'high' fashion.
Some of my favourite items are thrift shop finds.
I have some Guess and Franco Sarto shoes and purses that get a lot of wear, but nothing I'm really fanatical about.
For casual wear I really like Bench. Their jackets are very functional and sexy.

- Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to models trying to establish themselves?
Don't be afraid to ask questions from others in the business.
Most are very nice and will tell you who to avoid and who can be trusted.
Get referrals for anyone you've been approached by, ask for their references and to see their portfolios.
There are a lot of creeps out there. The legitimate people will have no problems answering your questions, showing you their references and being respectful of your boundaries.

Thanks Melissa for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything you would wish to plug like a website, group, etc?
So many!!
All my political research started with 9/11 and the wars in the middle east so I have to plug
Architects and Engineers for 911truth
And Pilots for 911truth
Along with my favorite website for all things analytical
And for fun and sexy pics I'm also a contender in the MissBodyRock model search this summer and would appreciate the votes on my page at
Thank you so Chris for the opportunity to be featured on your blog! Its been fun!!

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