Monday, October 22, 2012

Edmonton Expo & He-Man Rebuild Collection Update

He-Man Rebuild Collection Update:

So last year I started rebuilding the lost He-Man toy collection from my youth. I've been going to conventions and the occasional garage sale in the hopes of finding those lost treasures from my youth.

Heres a few pics:

Left to Right: Evil Lynn, Tri-Clops,  Zodak, Teela and Buzz-Off (in front)

The Villains part of the rebuild collection

He-Man & allies part of the rebuild collection

This past weekend I attended the first Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo: 

This was the first year for this event and I attended the Sunday portion of the event. I got to meet and get Nichelle Nichols autograph, 'Uhura' from the original Star Trek Series. Other guest included Billy Dee Williams, Burt Ward, and others.

I managed to pick up a replica of Harry Potters first magic wand. A great start to an annual event. This show is done by the same people who do the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Definitely worth going to see. Mark next years date in your calenders: September 28-29 2013!

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo will also be back: April 26-28 2013!!

Lots of great cosplay people attending too. Heres some pics:

Chrisloc1701 beside the Bear Radio Station truck

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