Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blog #40: More Back To School

Its hard to believe that summer is over and the kids are back to school. Where did the summer go? Bailey is in grade 7 this year!!! Junior frickin high!!! I am getting old... and Kayde grade 5 and 'Commander' Shelby is in grade 1!!! Wasn't she just a little baby that I held in my arms not too long ago?. I remember as a kid loving my summer holidays and hated going back to school. But the kids seem cool with going back to school which is good. Here's a few points about school I wish to discuss: 

* Teachers SHOULD be able to discipline kids and give them the strap * 

Teachers have no real power anymore and the kids know it. When I was a kid the Principal had the authority to give any bad kid the strap as a form of discipline and you know what? It frigging worked! I watched my behaviour because I was scared shitless about getting the strap. I seen kids bigger and tougher than me come back from a trip to the office crying like little sissy babies. It was a great deterrent against behaving badly. Now teachers can't even yell at kids without the risk of losing their jobs. 

* Failing Kids * 

Also I'm not sure if this is true for all schools but in Barrhead teachers cannot fail their students without the parents permission. If a kid completely wasted their year and was not ready to go to the next level the teacher cannot hold them back without the parents consent. Again when I was a kid I worked hard (at times) in school so I wouldn't fail and be held back. Now kids don't have that worry, they can be the biggest jerk-off dumb ass and their Mommies will approve their advancement to the next level then what? When they get to high school they will be completely unprepared and quit school due to the stress and they'll coast through life.....GIVE THE TEACHERS THEIR POWER BACK !!!! 

* School Supplies * 

We spent well over $100 for each child buying school stuff. That is a lot of money in my opinion. On their supply list from the school it specifically states what brands they want purchased and they state that they want no supplies purchased from the 'dollar store'. Well Crystal and I can afford to buy brand name supplies for Kayde but if we had bought the same stuff from the 'dollar store' which is not brand name we probably would have only spent half of what we spent. It makes me think about the families that cannot afford to spend that kind of money on school supplies...what do they do? They have to shop at the 'dollar store'. I think what ever teacher made up this school supply shopping list needs to give their head a shake and just accept what ever the parents buy for their kids. A pencil is a pencil who cares if it is Hilroy or Value Brand? Who cares if we buy Value Brand Crayons instead of Crayola Crayons? 

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Yelinna said...

You're totally right: kids do need discipline. They will get more frustration and trauma for not being well educated than left alone and do whatever they want. In Perú, until 90s (I don't know how it is now) education at school had a lot from the military: marchs, discipline, uniforms.
and it freaking worked!!