Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog #15: My New Ride

We got ourselves a 2011 Ford Fiesta. I traded off my Focus, needed something better on gas but also better on winter roads and I believe it is this car. It came fully loaded with heated leather seats, blue tooth, free satellite radio for 6 months...just an awesome deal. Also with it being one of the last of the 2011 models we got about an additional $2000 off.  We bought our car at 'Kentwood Ford' in Edmonton Alberta, and the service was incredible. Our sales people were a team of a father and his son and daughter and they couldn't have been nicer. This has been without a doubt the best car buying experience I have ever had. I also got to meet a local Edmonton celebrity, Scotty 'Bulldog' Olson, a former light weight boxer who fought for several years and represented Canada in the 1988 Olympics, among his many career achievements. He wasn't our salesman but after I spotted him in the dealership I asked our finance guy to arrange for me to meet him. I am not the biggest boxing fan, but my Grandpa Leonard was and I know he would have been thrilled to meet Scotty, and so was I. I scored this cool pick: 

I may be bigger than him but Scotty 'Bulldog' Olson could kick my butt I'm sure!!

They have an awesome referral program, so let ME know if you are in the market for a new Ford and I'll refer you. I get $500 bucks for the referral and You save $500 off the price of your vehicle. Everyone wins!

Our 2011 Ford Fiesta

Have a great week!

- Chris


Anonymous said...

Great pic, and sounds like a great deal..way to go Christopher,,auntie Lori

Anonymous said...

cool. nice car....looking forward to you taking me for a spin.