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Blog #13: Getting 'Lost'

Blog #13: Getting 'Lost'

In this blog post I am discussing the Blue-Ray of the 6th and Final Season of 'Lost'. SPOILERS. They really did a great job with the Lost blue-ray releases and I recently re-watched mine. I watched the special features and the special features even made me teary eyed. 'Lost' was one of the best series ever made!! Definitely #2 of all time in my books!! But I still think Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn should have won best actor and best supporting actor in a drama for their work in season 6. I still cry like a little baby at the final scene of 'Lost' and I think that it is because of the fine acting done by Matthew Fox. And Terry O'Quinn most definitely should have won best supporting actor because in the 6th and final season he played 2 different characters. His original character was John Locke and he is a great lovable character. His second character was the 'Smoke Monster' in the form of the deceased John Locke, and that character was pure evil and sinister, and his actions would make you cringe. O'Quinn truly is a great actor and he should have won in my opinion

I also re-watched the final episode of 'Lost'. I think it is best final episode of any series I have ever seen. Any show that can bring tears to my eyes is an incredible show. A very amazing achievement in television. It was 2 and a half hours long but they could have added a whole extra hour and it wouldn't be enough for me.

I loved the 'Titanic' ish ending with all the dead coming together in the afterlife, really touching and heart warming for me. I truly believe in Heaven and I believe that when I die I will see all those who left before me, so watching this episode and learning the 'flash-sideways' season 6 story arc is all about that...I cried. Seriously I look like a big mean bastard but I am really a softy who gets teared up watching such things. One thing about 'Lost' is they are not afraid to kill off popular characters and it was great to see them back for the final episode and see our favourite's reunite: The scene with Charlie, Claire and Aaron made me cry. Ben saying sorry to Locke outside the church for having killed him...almost lost it there too. The very ending with Christian and Jack and Jack realizing he is dead...yep I cried then too.

Again they didn't answer all questions but they answered enough for me, anymore would have been overkill. Some things are best left to the imagination of the viewers such as:

- What happened to Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Myles, Richard and Frank after they left the island?

- What happened with Hugo in the role of 'Jacob' and Ben in the role of 'Richard'?

- What exactly is the island and who built the fountain?? God or other 'God's' (like Zeus/ Jupiter etc) build it?

- Who took over for Hugo as protector of the island when he died? Walt I'm assuming based on the special features but really who knows?

- How was Hugo able to leave the island like Jacob could, and did he visit his parents and the others who left?

- Why did Jin let himself die with Sun when they have a daughter to raise back in South Korea?

- Ben was a bad guy who did worse things than Micheal, yet Micheal is trapped as a ghost on the island and Ben gets to possibly go to Heaven...shouldn't Ben have been trapped as a ghost on the island too?

- Why did Sayid choose Shannon instead of Nadia?

But as I said, some questions may best be left unanswered.

I would loved to have seen Hurley as the new 'Jacob', and Ben as his 'Richard'. Wish a few more people would be seen in the church, like Richard for example. Did his grey hair mean that he can now age and will die?? The only thing that I didn't like was that they didn't show 'Smokey' in his smoke form on the last ep. I was kinda hoping they would finally show the transformation of Smokey into Locke, but I guess some things are best left to the imagination...which is what I think the point of the finale was. The last scene made me cry, yes I admit that. Powerful stuff!!

I am actually glad they didn't explain everything. 'Lost' has always been open to interpretation and I was glad they left it like that. The last episode exceeded my expectations and I as a devoted 'Lost' fan am left satisfied. Truly a great and wonderful final episode.


Namaste and Good Luck to all of you.

- Chris

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