Friday, April 12, 2019

Shazam: a quick SPOILER FREE review

Shazam: a quick SPOILER FREE review 

Just got out of the movie and I must say this is now my favourite DC film (not counting 1989 Batman). I have been a fan of the original Captain Marvel (Shazam) for years and I am beyond happy that they did that character justice in this film. 

This movie was fun which is a nice change of pace for DC films: I find a lot of DC films are dark and a bit dreary. This film was fun and never really takes itself too seriously. Can’t wait for a sequel. 

I am planning on doing a more in depth review in a future episode of ‘The Pop Culture Pub Podcast’, where i will be discussing the film and character in depth. Stay tuned! 

4**** stars out of 5

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