Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Nitpicking: Avengers Infinity War


It has been some weeks since I initially watched ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and I have seen it a total of 4 times. I maintain it is the best Super Hero and Marvel movie made to date.  But like all things it is not a perfect film and here is a list of some nitpicking things I found with Avengers Infinity War:

-         “Get this man a shield”. So all film I was waiting for that moment because it was in the trailer. In ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Cap left his shield with Tony. It was made with vibranium and since Wakanda is full of vibranium and the King did say to get Cap a shield I assumed it would be as cool if not better than the original…nope. Instead he has 2 cocktail trays attached to his arms. So disappointed. I would have loved to see Cap using a triangle shield (from WW2) or his energy shield.


-         What’s up Hulk?:

So Banner can’t get it up? Performance issues? By ‘it’ I mean the Hulk. Why would the Hulk cower in a fight? Maybe it is leading into the Banner/Hulk for Avengers 4? I just didn’t buy it that the Hulk would shy away from a fight.

-         Why not throw a bone to the MCU Television series?

When shit was going down in NYC why didn’t they take the opportunity to have Luke Cage show up? Daredevil is still MIA, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Agents of Shield and Punisher didn’t have to be there but why not include Luke Cage? It would have kicked ass when Banner is having his initial performance issues if Luke Cage would have come running in and taken on the brute bad guy. And he could have went with Banner to join up with the Avengers…just saying they have these Netflix shows tied in with the MCU so why not use a character from them to help legitimize the Netflix series? And Luke Cage would have been the perfect addition.

-         What happened to Valkyrie?

So they established this kick ass African American /Asgardian character in ‘Thor: Ragnorok” and she is nowhere to be seen in this film.  It is assumed she escaped with half of the Asgardians before Thanos destroyed their ship but it would have been nice to see her. Or Lady Sif…

Just a few nitpicks but as I said in my review of this film: it is as perfect as any MCU film has got to date.

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