Sunday, April 29, 2018

Goodbye TV Dad and good riddance

So this week Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault on women with many more lining up to testify against him if necessary. My question is why? Why did he drug and assault these women? I understand being a man and wanting to have some fun but why drugs? Why assault? He is rich enough I’m sure he could have hired some high end prostitutes where ever and whenever he needed so why drug women and assault them? The simple answer would seem to be he is a monster. Only monsters assault and drug people for their own selfish desires so clearly he is one. And like all monsters he deserves to be locked away forever.
This realization makes me sad. Like most kids raised in the 80’s watching ‘The Cosby Show’ was a weekly event. And when his show became syndicated it became daily viewing. Bill Cosby as ‘Cliff Huxtable’ was the dad everyone would want. He was loving, funny, reliable, goofy, wise and forever patient with his kids. He not only was a great dad he was also a great doctor. Also Cosby hosted ‘Kids say the darndest things’ and Jello commercials, he produced ‘Fat Albert’ and starred in the film ‘Leonard Part 6’ (which I loved as a kid) and so on. So Bill Cosby was always there in my life….now he’s gone and good riddance to him.

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