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Star Trek TNG EXPOsed!

Star Trek TNG EXPOsed!

Originally published on the Trek1701 blog May 15, 2012

By C.Lockhart


This year at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo they managed to gather the entire original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and they had their own separate ticketed event on the Saturday of the convention weekend called TNG EXPOsed, and I was there!! Here is some of my recollections of that evening. It was great to see them all on stage at the same time and if you want to watch it TNG EXPOsed is available for free viewing on YouTube.

It opened with a awesome band playing Sinatra and swing band style music, kinda like Michael Buble. Then a recorded message from the Mayor of Calgary. Then the introduction of 'Emily Expo', the cons super sexy mascot. Then a video of Emily interviewing other sci-fi stars at the 'Emerald City Con' about TNG. Those interviewed included Christopher Judge (Stargate), Edward James Olmos (BSG), George Takei (Sulu), Walter Koenig (Chekov), Robert Picardo (The Doctor from 'Voyager') and others who I didn't know, mostly voice actors.Then Garret Wong (Ensign Kim from 'Voyager') came out and had a funny story about why he likes TNG, and he did a great George Takei impersonation. Then one of the original TNG crew workers was there to say some words. He apparently works on the TV series 'Hell On Wheels' now and said Colm Meaney sends his best. Meaney was Chief O'Brien and stars on 'Hell on Wheels'. Then they unwisely had a 30 minute intermission...Then the TNG cast came out. It was a great show, moderated by the Innerspace Crew (Teddy, Ajay and Cynthia) and guest appearances by Aaron Douglas (Tyrel from 'Battlestar Galactica') and John DeLancie (Q). They asked Patrick Stewart who his favorite villain was and he said 'Damon Bok', then from the back of the arena someone yelled 'Hey wait a minute!' And in walks John DeLancie. He came on stage and sat with the crew and Stewart admitted it had to be Q. Wil Wheaton had some great comments, the whole crew were funny to watch. Wheaton discussed how he felt bad leaving the show when he did. And Gates McFadden thanked fans for getting Dr Crusher back on the show after the Producers decided to get rid of her in Season 2, she returned in season 3. I was not aware that is why she was taken out.

It was a great show. Hopefully it was filmed for release because I would like a copy. There was a film crew there. If they were smart they would sell that on DVD or on iTunes. It is available to watch for free on YouTube because someone recorded it and posted it. Definitely worth the watch!




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