Friday, November 29, 2013

RN Ep 18: The ‘Lost Tapes’, Part I (Back Burner Gents)

RN Ep 18: The ‘Lost Tapes’, Part I (Back Burner Gents)

> November 29th, 2013---

The 'Random Nerdness' podcast is back (sort of)!! Before putting out some new episodes we are releasing what we are calling 

the 'Lost Tapes', episodes we previously recorded but never released. 

In this instalment we are releasing a lost spin-off pilot episode of 'The Back Burner Gents', a podcast where we take something 

off the 'back burner' and finally review it. This was recorded November 2012. Chris Lockhart is joined with friend Tyler Kluin 

and Sound Engineer/Brother-in-law Sebastian and they discuss the 2011 film 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'. They also 

discuss classic apes movies. 

The Random Nerdness Podcast is a proud member of The Atomic Geeks Podcast Network.  

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