Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This Weeks League Assignment: WHY?

Alright, you like open-ended, broad topics, well here’s another one just for you. This week’s topic for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is…
Why? No, really. WHY?
Well this one is easy for me to write about. Last summer Sony Pictures rebooted the Spider-man franchise with the ‘Amazing Spider-man’, starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey and every other role in the Spidey-Universe was recast, and the origin story was retold only 10 years after the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire ‘Spider-man’ was released. Why I ask? Granted ‘Spider-man 3’ was a complete mess of a film, too much being tried for one film and all that. But really did we need to reboot? Maguire and company could have carried on with or without Raimi and continued to build on the universe they already established. They could have continued to introduce villains and new supporting characters. They could have written out Kirsten Dunst who apparently hadn’t and wouldn’t sign on for a 4th film. They could have continued to build up that franchise and maybe (just maybe) build up to a movie featuring the ‘Sinister Six’, the team of Spider-man super-villains who join Doctor Octopus for the shared goal of exacting revenge against Spider-man, in the comic books. That would have been epic if handled properly. Learn from their mistakes made in the 3rd film and move forward…sadly that was not to be.
Tobey Maguire in 'Spider-man'

Andrew Garfield in 'Amazing Spider-man'

It’s not to say I didn’t like the 2012 ‘Amazing Spider-man’. It was good, but honestly it was not as good as the 2002 Spider-man film or its first sequel. The re-casting was excellent; Garfield and Stone were great together. Sally Field and Martin Sheen were great as Aunt May and Uncle Ben. But again a reboot and retelling of the Spider-man origin story was not necessary. Watching that film I couldn’t help but feel I was wasting my time watching something I had just seen.  With the ‘Amazing Spider-man 2’ in development and being filmed for release in 2014, I’ll be checking it out again. But it has to do better than the 2012 film. If it does not impress me I may not be back for a 3rd film in this rebooted franchise.

Why reboot a franchise that just doesn’t need it?
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Anonymous said...

I am glad I no longer buy movie DVD's or go to the theatres for modern releases. Why should I show loyalty and support them with my money when they don't care about the fans?
The industry has rebooted too many times of my favourite characters.
Tottaly hate them for doing that.

Mike Gutierrez said...

I have to disagree. At first, I will admit, I wondered why we needed a reboot after only 3 movies, but after seeing Amazing Spider-Man, I was glad they did.

I grew to hate Toby McGuire's Peter Parker as he played him too goofy and would cry if he stepped on a roach. Kirsten Dunst needed to go ASAP and I felt Rami had lost control of the franchise. I also honestly doubt McGuire would have signed on for a 4th as he tried to get out of his contract after the 1st movie.

I did like Andrew Garfield as Spidey. We finally got back a wise cracking Spider-Man and I enjoyed his Peter Parker. Emma Stone was a great Gwen Stacy and I did like the Lizard as well.

I hated the costume when I first sa it, but it grew on me and from the pictures I have seen, it looks like they are going back to a more traditional Spidey outfit in the second movie.

Can't wait to see it.