Friday, July 5, 2019

Beer league should be fun...not insulting

Last night I was almost involved in a fists flying all out baseball (slow-pitch) fight. In regards to what happened last night bottom line is words were exchanged and both sides share in the guilt. 

However the fact is that nothing would have happened had (he who shall not be named) not started with the insults and yelling; he is the one that created the situation. He was pitching and simply asked to raise his pitches as they were not hitting the 6 feet in height mark. Some of them called ‘no pitch’ by those umpiring (because we umpire our own games) didn’t even hit the mat and he still freaked out and insulted us over it, and that’s where the ugliness started. 

This is supposed to be a beer ‘fun’ league but no one deserves to be insulted. After last night lessons have been learned and for myself I can say he is now on my radar. Next time he acts up (and we were told by some of his own team he does this from time to time, apparently when he plays hockey he acts like this too) I will ask his team to rein him in. 

But I cannot help but feel that if he continues with the insults and directs them at certain people, whether it be our team or another team, there will be an unfortunate outcome as almost happened last night. 

I play ball for fun, not to be insulted or see those I care about insulted. 

Let’s just have fun...and follow the rules...

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