Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This week’s assignment from the League: Pet Peeves

This week’s assignment from the League: Pet Peeves

Let’s all take a deep breath this week and let off a little steam. This week’s assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is…

Pet peeves.

Being a comic book fan I have some pet peeves with the current state of the industry, especially when it comes to the big 2 (Marvel & DC). So here is a list of my peeves in regards to comics from Marvel & DC:

- Enough with the crossover characters. One character has 1 solo title and 1 team title:

I’m getting sick of these comics over exploiting their characters. ‘Wolverine’ for example has the following ‘solo’ titles: Wolverine, Savage Wolverine, Wolverine Max and Wolverine & The X-Men. Then he is a member of The Avengers, X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, All-New X-Men. I understand that they have their top tier characters that prove to bring in money, but enough is enough.

- Allow creators to bring in their own characters and take them with them if they choose to leave:

Problem with Marvel & DC is they own characters that their creators create for the company, unless they do have some deal in place, which does not happen too often. So that is why we see the same old villains and heroes guest starring over and over again and very little ‘new’ characters or concepts making their way into the books. Which is why you see more creators going to Image Comics with their creator owned properties. Allow these people to make their own characters and if they leave they can take them with them or sell them to the company. Why not? The stories that were told during their tenure with the company would stay with the company, even if some of the characters do not. Give them more creator control and we would see more creativity. Makes sense no?

- Enough with ‘BIG EVENTS’ for a while!

I’m really getting sick of ‘big events’ from the big 2 every year, sometimes twice a year. They need to take a break for at least 3 year before attempting another company wide crossover event. I know I am getting burnt out (AVX, Zero Issues, Villain’s month, Battle of the Atom, Infinity, Trinity War, etc, etc, etc). We the readers need a break!

- More variety in the ‘Team’ books’…

Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Young Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Avengers AI. These are some of Marvels ‘team books’. Now here is that same list with what the title should be called: Avengers (Avengers), New Avengers (The Illuminati), Uncanny Avengers (West Coast Avengers), Mighty Avengers (Heroes for Hire), Young Avengers (New Warriors), Avengers Assemble (Force Works), Avengers AI (Artificial Intelligence), Avengers Arena (Arcades Arena). Now I know the ‘Avengers’ name brand is hot now considering the success of the 2012 film, but why not try some other team names and maybe they too could be spun off into a successful film one day?

I have more peeves when it comes to Marvel and DC, but I think this is enough for now.

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Cody AKA Crooked Ninja said...

Hell yes to most all of this! I definitely think the "big events" need to slow down I mean how many of these types of things can happen in a year? These poor characters have the worst luck imaginable!