Saturday, January 12, 2019

A little bit about me...

Chris Lockhart: In his own words (Part One)

“What can I say about Chris Lockhart…well he’s a big jerk and he owes me money and a ham sandwich!” – Chris Lockhart, December 5th 2018

 For those of you who do not know that statement was what is known as the ‘Lockhart dry humour’, which I inherited from my father whom inherited it from his. Sometimes it doesn’t translate; it can throw people off a bit but its classic Lockhart.


I was born January 31st 1980; I’m told it was a warm winter day. My parents are Ken and Darcy Lockhart. I was an ‘oops’ baby but with the insistence of Grandma Yvonne I was not born a bastard. I was later joined by a baby sister in 1983 named Brianna. My parents were great and did their best raising my sister and I. We always had everything we needed and never went without.


From my Dad (aside from my dry sense of humour) I learned a good work ethic. He was always hard working and tried his best at everything he did. His love for music, hockey and sports rubbed off on me: I’ve been a fan of 80’s music, the Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton Eskimos and Toronto Blue Jays because of him. Dad has always been a generous person: he has helped me out with financial and emotional support whenever I needed.  He’s been a great father and grandfather to my kids and I.


My Mom: She also has instilled a love of music and sports in me. She coached my baseball team for 8 years while growing up. She also taught me to love good music such as: Elvis Presley, Meatloaf, Queen, ABBA, Michael Jackson and so on. She also helped to feed my never ending appetite with great food which she expertly cooked or baked including: beer barrel buns, pies, hamburger soup, turkey dinners, and Caesar salads and so on. 

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